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Litigation & Client Representation

The First Amendment Clinic provides law students with the opportunity to learn substantive areas of First Amendment law while developing concrete lawyering skills in the context of constitutional litigation. This includes client interviewing, case evaluation and research, motion practice and brief writing, drafting pleadings and discovery requests, taking and defending depositions, participating in discovery and settlement conferences, negotiating with opposing parties, identifying and coordinating with experts, and oral advocacy during court appearances.

First Amendment Clinic meeting


Increasing Awareness & Understanding of First Amendment Rights

Clinic students have the opportunity to increase public awareness and understanding of the First Amendment.  This includes developing presentations to bring issues of free speech and press rights to non-lawyers; helping to educate public officials and private citizens about the importance of protecting free expression and news gathering; and contributing to the public debate on matters implicating First Amendment freedoms.

View Our Work

Please visit our “Work" page for examples of the Clinic’s litigations, client advocacy, public presentations, and other projects.


The Clinic is a one semester course awarded 4 credits in both the Fall and Spring semesters.  The one-semester commitment includes a weekly 2-hour seminar plus at least 10 hours/week of clinical work (for a collective 4 credits).  Students may enroll for an additional semester with the permission of the Clinic director.   

Applications for Fall 2024 are closed. Information about applying for Spring 2025 will be posted once available.