On October 21, 2022, the University of Georgia School of Law’s First Amendment Clinic conducted a statewide program hosted by the Georgia First Amendment Foundation (GFAF) to better inform journalists, citizens, and government staff on the rules for court watching, covering trials, and obtaining court records.

The presentation was based on the “Yellow Book” Guide to Court Access in Georgia, published by GFAF in partnership with the Clinic.

Link to recorded presentation

Legal fellow Lindsey Floyd, Clinic student Jack Beaman, and Clinic Director Clare R. Norins created and delivered the presentation.

*current as dated and not intended to be legal advice

Hands over a laptop keyboard, with illustrations of records reflected on the screen.

The Issue

Government Transparency

Georgia’s legislature finds that transparent government is essential to a free, open, and democratic society. The state’s “sunshine laws” guarantee access to the public records and public meetings of local and state government agencies. The First Amendment and Georgia’s uniform superior court rules also protect the public’s right to observe court proceedings and review court…

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